Areas of Practice

We provide routine care for a variety of Otolaryngology problems which include treatment of the ears, nose, sinuses, throat, oral cavity, neck and salivary glands. Some in-office procedures are available to correct these problems along with numerous types of surgery for the above as well as tumors, growths, cancers, nasal corrective surgery and sinus surgery.

Our goal at the offices of Dr. Greg Meekin is to provide you with the best healthcare from a qualified surgeon. If you have any questions about our areas of practice or a special case, please call our offices or click here to send us an email.

Services and Specialties

  • Sinus & Allergy

    Dr. Meekin uses the latest in image guided sinus surgery allowing him to perform sinus and nasal surgery without the need for packing and no external bruising in most cases.  read more

  • Thyroid & Parathyroid Surgery

    Comprehensive evaluations of both thyroid and parathyroid related disorders, including extensive blood testing and in- office ultrasound and , if needed ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy.  read more

  • ENT Dive Medicine

    Dr. Meekin is certified by the Diving Medical Advisory Committee to perform diving physicals for commercial and recreational divers.  read more

  • Pediatric ENT Care

    Treatment of all disorders related to your childs ear, nose and throat including sinuses, allergies, enlarged lymph nodes and thyroid.  read more

  • Disease & Microsurgery of Ear

    Dr. Meekin is trained in microsurgery of the ear including surgery of the ear drum, ossicles (ear bones) and mastoid. read more

  • Hearing & Balance Testing

    Dr. Meekin provides a full range of hearing and balance testing, as well as hearing aid products when necessary. read more

Other areas of diagnosis for treatment